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Here you will be able to find information about current ongoing engineering projects, members of ASCE, upcoming events and the breaking news of Pacific Southwest Regional Conference competition.

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We  warmly welcome you to join us and share your civil engineering experiences and knowledge, no matter if you are freshmen or graduate students, even instructors. Please come to our organization and show your talent as much as you like to express yourself.

For companies who have a great interest in our organization, please see the left column to Contact Us. We hope our engineering project work can be recognized by you and your colleagues. If you have extra internship opportunities, please consider our team-----NAU ASCE student chapter.

“No best but only better” is what we are pursuing. Please stop by our ASCE meetings and talk to one of the officers to register and join in. Membership dues for our NAU ASCE student chapter are $35 for the year. We will invite some engineering project staff to provide periodic engineering lectures to help students know more about real engineering world work. We look forward to your participation.

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